Coir Rolls with biodegradable netting

Salix are now a supplier of fully biodegradable, coir cased coir rolls

Salix have developed a Coir Roll which is fully biodegradable, providing effective erosion control without the use of plastic nets.

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River diversion on the River Beane

Lake By-pass in Hertfordshire

Salix were involved in a recent river diversion on the River Beam in Hertfordshire, to improve hydromophological and ecological function.

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FlexMse vegetated retaining wall system before and after shot showing the vegetation

Flex MSE supplier

Salix are a supplier of FlexMse: vegetated retaining wall system which can be installed on near vertical surfaces. Great for Retaining Walls, Bridge Abutments, Noise barriers,

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AquaRockBags used as erosion control

AquaRockBag launch

Salix’s AquaRockBag is an ecologically sensitive method of erosion control. Working with natural processes to provide erosion control & habitat biodiversity

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Intertidal vegetated estuary edges

Estuary Edges

Salix co-authored in the first volume of Estuary Edges, having been involved in a significant number of projects within the tidal extent of the River Thames.

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Biochar is a key ingredient in TerrAffix Soil Solutions

TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® launch

TerrAffix can be applied on next to any soil type, providing the necessary nutrients for rapid vegetation establishment on brown soils to aggregates.

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River Nairn

Finalists in the RRC River Prize

Salix were principle contractors on the fantastic River Nairn Project This video tells the story of the river restoration project at the Aberarder Estate on the River Nairn, we worked…

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5 Star Water Vole Accommodation Ready to accept new Tenants

Water Vole in the classic Pringle tube Salix provide the perfect habitat for water voles. The Highways England £1.5bn A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme includes a major new bypass…

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Enhancements on Riverside Walk, Duke of Northumberland’s River

Salix proposed a river enhancement design with the main aim of increasing base flow, reducing low flows and narrowing the channel using vegetated wet berms of varying widths, locally sourced…

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