Coir Rolls pre-established with native plants providing erosion control at Porter Brook

Flashy Floods in Car Park Solved

Rock Rolls and pre-planted Coir Rolls & Pallets were used to prevent erosion whilst creating a lovely habitat in Sheffield City centre where a culverted stream had been flash flooding

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Woodberry reedbeds vegetating

Woodberry Wetlands is National Lottery Finalist

Woodberry Wetlands from the air Urban wetland is finalist for best Lottery funded project Over the last few years Salix have had the pleasure of constructing a number of London…

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Erosion Control Products Provide Homes for Wildlife

Salix’s Rock Mattresses, Coir Rolls & Coir Pallets are being used on the Exeter FAS Scheme enhancing wildlife habitats whilst giving cost effective erosion control.

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Visitors in the Butterfly Dome. RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016.

RHS Show Butterflies Benefit From Blooming Coir Roll Beds

Back in 2016 the RHS at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show used our Coir Rolls in a very novel way indeed. Whilst creating a Butterfly Dome exhibit they wanted…

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New ditches for water vole created using pre-established coir pallets and planting

Managing Wetlands and Fens for Wildlife

Opportunities to improve habitats for wildlife in Norfolk have paid off resulting in a biodiversity boom. Further work promises even more exciting habitat gains for wildlife in wetlands.

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Coir Pallets establishing at Snaith Ponds - Photo by Carys Hutton

Products Used in Habitat Creation Project With Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Creating habitats in a flood protection project with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust & Environment Agency at Snaith Ponds, using our Coir Pallets & native plants

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A perfect green roof covered in poppies

A Down To Earth Green Roof Solution

Creating a green roof on a 43° pitch using our HydraCX and native wildflower seed

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Rock Rolls and VMax C350 providing erosion control at Yeoville Junction

Rail River Rock

Rock Rolls and VMax C350 provide ecological erosion control at Yeovil Junction, protecting the railway from undercutting by the River Yoe

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VMax C350 and Bionet protect the soils both above and under the water

Bringing Biodiversity to Hydro Plant in Pershore

VMax C350 & Eronet are used on this hydro project to protect the inlet channel and surrounding soils from erosion, working with nature for natural solutions

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