Pre-filled Rock Mattresses

2 metre x 1 metre x 250mm deep Rock Mattress installed with built in lifting stropsPre-filled Rock Mattresses two months post installation at Exeter FDSRock Mattress installationRock Mattress tie in detail at hydraulic jump zone with VMax C350Rock Mattress at spillway toePhalaris colonising Rock MattressNewly installed Rock Mattresses on intertidal riverAccretion of sediment over Rock Roll MattressesRock Mattress erosion controlRock Mattresses preventing river bed scour one week after installationRock Mattress as scour apron for headwallRock Mattress as scour apron for headwall
2 metre x 1 metre x 250mm deep Rock Mattress installed with built in lifting strops

Pre-filled Rock Mattresses are a robust and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are cost-effective revetments that are suitable alternatives to rock rip rap and gabions in many scour applications, preventing erosion whilst allowing natural vegetation to establish.

Rock Mattresses are formed from Rock Rolls joined together to create a 2m x 1m unit capable of resisting high velocities and shear stress up to 1200 N/m2 in high energy river situations.

They also accrete silt due to small stone size and can be fully vegetated. This is not possible with rock armour and large rip rap. This page has some great practical examples of how we have used Rock Mattresses and Rolls in a variety of situations.

Rock Mattresses provide an instant flexible solution to many scour problems particularly below low water level where pure bioengineering techniques will not function.

When used in conjunction with Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets or live willow, Rock Mattresses provide a solution which can support healthy invertebrate and even native crayfish populations. Watch our video with Dr Ruth Callaway of Swansea University talking about her research on our Rock Mattresses.

You can read more about our techniques and applications for Rock Mattresses here

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