Green Infrastructure

The basis of green infrastructure is biodiverse, low carbon sustainable solutions.

Salix have developed a range of nature-based solutions that sequester or lock in carbon and create low maintenance, diverse ecological networks.

  • Our green infrastructure projects use low/zero carbon construction materials and installation.
  • Provides soil erosion control and long-term surface stability on steep slopes and embankments.
  • We work with local growers, manufacturers and suppliers to create a range of environmentally appropriate products and solutions.
  • Biochar is a key component of our solutions, created from recovered and recycled organic materials which improve soil conditions whilst indefinitely locking carbon within the landscape.
  • Construction programmes and costs can be greatly reduced using our nature-based solutions.
Salix Nature Based Solutions - Green Infrastructure

Case Studies

Rapidly established growth using HydraCX just below the railway line

Erosion Management on Railway Embankment

Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management at an embankment in Rodbourne.

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A11 drainage channels vegetating

Green Swales on Roadside

Soft engineered ‘Green Swale Grass Channel’ attenuates road run-off water, filters suspended solids, and traps hydro carbons and heavy metals, significantly imp…

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M25 Road Widening

Salix were tasked with greening up a 45 degree slope consisting of 6F2 fill. The initial design was a covering of 150mm of topsoil over an area of about 8,000m2…

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