VmaxC350 is a permanent Turf Reinforcement for reinforcing soils. The VmaxC350 incorporates a coir fibre layer to provide instant erosion protection, whilst the three-dimensional grid provides significant long-term protection.

Vmax C350 freshly installed on river bank
VMax C350 fully vegetated one year later
VMax C350
VMax C350 With Excellent Grass Establishment On Spillway Slopes
VMax C350 installed in a drainage channel
VMax C350 freshly installed on river bank
VMax C350 fully vegetated 1 year later
VMax C350
VMax C350 with excellent grass establishment on spillway slopes
VMax C350 installed in a drainage channel

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

Vmax³ C350 is composed of a permanent, high-strength, three-dimensional matting structure, incorporated with a 100% coconut-fibre matrix that supplements the permanent matting structure’s grass germination and erosion control capabilities for up to 36 months.

C350 is designed to provide long-term, vegetated erosion protection and permanent turf reinforcement in a range of applications that include critical-flow channels, stream banks, and shorelines.

Proven in extensive laboratory and field research, as well of thousands of applications all around the world, C350’s high-strength, 3-D matting structure boosts the shear resistance of vegetation up to 576 Pascal.

With permanent erosion protection equivalent to that of 0.76 m rock riprap, C350 provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, “green” solution to erosion control projects for severe conditions.

C350 Performance Profile

Phase 1 – unvegetated

Unprotected seed and soil are highly susceptible to erosion.

Upon installation, the C350’s coconut fibre matrix and corrugated matting structure provide a uniform mulch layer and effective erosion protection for seed and soil under flow-induced shear stresses up to 153 Pascal and a permissable flow velocity of up to 3m/s.

Phase 2 – vegetation establishment

The tender stems and undeveloped root systems of immature vegetation provide little protection for the soil surface and are prone to damage or removal at shear stresses of only 29 Pascal*

unvegetated performance chart

The C350 continues providing erosion protection between, and structural support for, developing plants – increasing the permissible shear stress of new vegetation up to 480 Pascal.

Phase 3 – vegetation maturity

Under flow-induced shear stress of only 48 Pascal, unreinforced mature vegetation may allow significant soil loss and experience physical damage.**

The C350’s corrugated matting structure reinforces soils and anchors vegetation roots and stems – increasing the permissible shear stress of the permanent vegetative stand up to 576 Pascal or up to 6m/s flow velocity.


VMax C350 and P550 were featured in September 2015 CIWEM The Environment Magazine