Floc Mats

Floc Mat outflow from ExcavationFloc Mat trapping silts from excavationFloc Mat end of pipe sediment capturefloc matFloc Mat Diversion Channel lined with flocculent matFloc Mat End of excavation pipe
Floc Mat Diversion Channel lined with flocculent mat

Biodegradable desilting mats

Floc Mats are water treatment mats used for fine sediment control in polluted water. They have been designed for water quality management purposes on construction and river restoration sites where muddy waters are likely to be encountered during the work.

The mats are ideal for use in either natural or artificial channels in areas requiring environmental protection from causes of water pollution such as pumping excavations or river diversions. The Floc Mat helps bind silt within deep natural fibres as water travels over and through it and is suitable to use with the Pipe Reactor.

Floc Mats can be spread on the channel bed and are easy to manipulate due to their 1m x 2m size. They can be positioned over rock checks and also within a channel, creating a permeable curtain. This helps to slow the flow of higher energy streams and provides opportunities for sedimentation.

Completely biodegradable, Floc Mats are a simple, very affordable water decontamination solution. They are constructed from 100% natural fibre and can be provided in a flocculant treated or untreated form. Treated Floc Mats are coated with Water LynxTM flocculant, which increases the natural fibres’ ability to bind silt.

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