Rock rolls arrive in bundles with certified lifting straps

Rock Rolls – delivering high quality erosion control whilst providing essential habitats

At our recently successful River, Wetland and Sediment Conference, Dr Ruth Callaway of Swansea University delivered a fascinating talk on the habitat benefits of our Rock Rolls in both the marine and freshwater environments. You can watch the full talk to find out how great these products are for wildlife and biodiversity.

Our Pre-filled Rock Rolls and Mattresses are the toughest revetments we have, they are excellent in high velocity situations.

They will protect embankments from erosion whilst allowing accretion of sediment, nurturing the return of vegetation, which in itself then offers a degree of erosion control. They can be used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and the marine environment, equalling the effectiveness of traditional hard revetments with none of the negative associations.

Their flexibility and the fact that they arrive on site pre-filled with stone greatly reduces installation time and therefore cost, compared to in-situ filled gabions. Rock Rolls and Mattresses can also be installed during live flow situations, which is not possible with standard gabions.

Rock Rolls and Mattresses will provide the essential erosion control needed, where more conventional revetments would traditionally be used, whilst at the same time allowing our customers to achieve the high environmental standards that are increasingly becoming part of legislation.

We have used these products in a variety of situations such as the Sandwich £21 million pound flood alleviation scheme and the tough and testing environment of Titchwell Marsh.

Our Rock Rolls at Titchwell were really tested in the area’s catastrophic storm surge on 5 December 2013 which did not breach Titchwell Marsh’s defences and the freshwater habitats they were protecting survived intact.