Salix Terra-Lock is a turnkey solution for soil erosion control and geotechnical stability utilising Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM’s) with Gripple Ground Anchors.

Vmax C350 slope with Gripple anchors
Loyn Bridge Gripple install
Loyn Bridge Gripple install
Loyn Bridge Gripple install
Vmax C350 slope with Gripple anchors
Terra-Lock® anchor in soil
Loyn Bridge Gripple install
Gripple install
Loyn Bridge Gripple install
Loyn Bridge Gripple install

Salix using Terra-Lock anchor is a turnkey solution for soil erosion control, soil stabilisation and geotechnical stability utilising Salix Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM’s) with Gripple Terra-Lock Ground Anchors.

The Salix and Terra-Lock System gains its stability by coupling key engineering principles with specifically designed products to successfully utilise the natural properties of on-site materials.

Gripple’s innovative ‘grip’ and ‘pull’ technology is complemented by it’s Terra-Lock anchor systems and a Salix TRM (Turf Reinforcement Matting) to deliver a comprehensive trusted solution.

How the Gripple Terra-Lock works
How the Gripple Terra-Lock works

TRM’s – Salix supply a range of high performance TRM’s for use in high velocity flow conditions and steep slopes. These can be composite geomats such as our Vmax C350, C500, or Woven products such as Salix PP5 – Extreme. We also have the ability to supply TRM’s as a fully mature reinforced turf.

This product range is called Shear Stress Turf (SST). Any of the Vmax range or Woven Geomats can be used as the reinforcing element of the SST.

Salix can provide technical support to assist in the selection of the correct TRM to suit specific site conditions such as a vegetated spillway in an over topping environment. We can also advise on the selection of appropriate vegetation species for each application.

Gripple Terra-Lock Anchors – Prevent bulk earth movement by locking into stable soil beneath potential failure planes, thus increasing factors of safety.

The innovative install and ‘flip’ of the Terra-Lock anchor means the soil’s engineering properties can be accessed with minimal disturbance.

Salix using Gripple TL-P™ Pins

Permanent TRM’s such as the Vmax range are designed to be strong and rigid to take high flows and are therefore far less flexible than biodegradable erosion control blankets. Therefore, they require high performance pinning on well prepared, seeded soils.

This ensures good contact with the surface and prevents the TRM from lifting whilst vegetation establishes a strong root system. TL-P pins come in 200mm and 300mm lengths with options for Hard and Soft ground. See downloads for specifications and further details.

Gripple how it works anchor
The Gripple Terra-Lock anchor

Salix have teamed up with Gripple, a Sheffield based, globally renowned manufacturer of wire systems including Terra-Lock Ground Anchors to offer the Terra-Lock solution.

Between us, we provide engineering design support to ensure you specify the optimal Salix and Terra-Lock system to meet your project requirements. Once ground characteristics have been established, our technical team can calculate anchor loads and design performance; whether through initial site evaluation, preparation of technical drawings, supporting submittals or onsite testing to validate designs.

The Salix and Gripple Technical Support Team can work with you at every stage of a project to realise the complete turn-key solution.

Terra-Lock System Benefits

Green solution
Makes use of on-site material, minimising material transport and related carbon emissions.

Removes the need for unsightly hard solutions such as rip rap and concrete.

Sediment control
Intimate contact with substrate retains soil particles, minimising erosion and downstream sedimentation.

Adds minimal excess load to structure, reducing settlement and subsidence, especially in poor soils.

Slows flows
Use of vegetation within the structure acts to slow hydraulic flows, minimising potential problems elsewhere

Utilises a system which reinforces vegetation allows the structure to ‘self heal’.

Efficient installation
Can be installed quickly and economically to vastly reduce time spent on-site protecting assets.

Manufactured using corrosion resistant materials to create a long term solution.

*Rock-Lock can form part of the Terra-Lock solution by utilising our pre-filled rock solutions with Ground Anchors.

Gripple, Terra-Lock and TL-P are Trademarks of Gripple LTD

Product Downloads

Salix and TerraLock
Salix and Gripple TL-P1S
Salix and Gripple TL-P2H
Salix and Gripple TL-P3S
Salix and Gripple TL-P4H

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