Woodberry Wetlands desilting work

We are proud of the work we do to improve our wetland environments for wildlife and humans and the Woodberry Project with the London Wildlife Trust is particularly special.

The Guardian newspaper picked up this piece of work this May (2015) and cited it as wildlife gardening on a colossal scale.

Bringing wildlife back to the heart of our cities is important for so many reasons and this article lists many of them. Partially we have a moral duty to improve our cityscapes for wildlife, having made it so anti-wildlife; also wildlife is good for us. It’s been shown in study after study that when we observe and are a part of nature our health improves; there is simply an inherent value to wildlife and wild places.

Desilting large areas of the old reservoirs to create new reedbeds has been a significant part of the work, along with planting up large areas with native wetland plants, making this a haven for wildlife and people.

For the full article go to the Guardian website