Coir Rolls Aid Biodiversity Boom

Preestablished Coir Rolls

Pre-established Coir Rolls

Fenland Biodiversity Boom

Well established Coir Rolls by Cliff Carson

Well established Coir Rolls by Cliff Carson

Salix are proud to have been a part of the project out on the Cambridgeshire Fenlands which has seen real biodiversity gains as habitats are improved.

The 70,000 hectare Middle Level catchment is a national stronghold for water voles. 1,770 metres of Coir Rolls pre-planted with native marginal water plants have been installed at 23 sites to create ‘instant habitat’ for water voles, provide pollen for insects, seeds for birds and stabilise bank margins.

Our Coir Rolls are superb at erosion control and they are also brilliant for wildlife. Wildlife such as water voles benefit enormously from the immediate cover that the mature plants provide and also from the carefully thought out planting.

The Coir Rolls have been used as a part of a wider project working with The Middle Level Commissioners who have been putting in a wide range of habitat works including otter holts, owl nest boxes and kingfisher nests.