Urban Rivers

Urban rivers regularly incur logistical complications due to the proximity of development and increased surface runoff, leading to flashy and constrained watercourses. Traditional hard engineering solutions are frequently used within urban areas, consisting of sheet piling, rock armour and gabion baskets. Hard engineering has a detrimental impact on the riparian habitat however and is frequently not necessary.

Salix’s bioengineering products can often be used as a direct alternative to hard engineering, frequently providing better erosion protection whilst allowing vegetation to establish in urban environments.

Bioengineering products require less material than hard engineering and are quicker to install, making construction more effective in urban areas.

Royal Wharf intertidal reed bed solution

Intertidal Planting Solution on River Thames

Creating a reed bed on an intertidal part of the Thames river is challenging – but Salix achieved a fantastic result as a consequence of their unique design app…

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Porter Brook - an oasis for wildlife

Flooding and erosion prevention in Sheffield

When a flashy stream was unearthed in Sheffield Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management by the Wild Trout Trust. The Porter Brook was…

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Erosion Control at Laurel Farm, a Network Rail Site

Scour protection provided by Rock Mattresses at a Network Rail site where the river had undercut the river bank, endangering the embankment above.

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SuDS slow flow drainage channel

Erosion Control at SuDS project

Rock Rolls and Rock Mattresses are both easy to put into place, prevent erosion and can withstand high flows whilst allowing for the natural establishment of pl…

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River Washford Roadwater Erosion Protection

The increasing frequency of flood events on the River Washford required the existing system to be replaced and improved.

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A11 drainage channels vegetating

Green Swales on Roadside

Soft engineered ‘Green Swale Grass Channel’ attenuates road run-off water, filters suspended solids, and traps hydro carbons and heavy metals, significantly imp…

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River Ebbw Bank Stabilisation

Salix worked with consulting geotechnical engineers to provide design and build proposals to stabilise over 800 metres of steep riverbank composed of highly ero…

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