Bionet C125BN

Bionet C125BN biodegradable blanketNew sinuous channel slopes protected with Bionet C125BNBionet C125BN drapes easily over undulating surfaces giving intimate ground contactBionet C125BN installed above brushwood faggot toe revetment1 year laterC125BN installed in drainage channelC125BN rolled over HydraCX on Type 1 Fill
Bionet C125BN drapes easily over undulating surfaces giving intimate ground contact

Bionet biodegradable erosion control blankets are designed to provide immediate erosion protection and vegetation establishment assistance, then degrade after the root and stem systems of the vegetation are mature enough to permanently stabilise the underlying soil.

Bionet C125BN features a layer of 100% coconut fibre stitched with biodegradable thread between biodegradable natural-fibre top and bottom nets.

The dense layer of coconut fibre stitched between the woven jute nettings enables C125BN to provide more effective erosion protection and mulch than woven coir nettings in critical applications for up to 24 months.

Product Downloads

Bionet C125BN Technical Specification
Installation Guide
Salix Bio-Peg 160mm
T Peg Fixing Pin
Double Leg Steel Staple
Staple Pattern Guide (3 pegs per m2)

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