Installing AquaRockBags

With over 25 years of bioengineering experience, Salix has developed the AquaRockBag, ideal for filling scour holes and bank revetments in both fluvial and intertidal environments.

The product can often be used as an better economic and ecological alternative for gabion or rock armour.

Salix’s AquaRockBag is an ecologically sensitive method for erosion control.

As with all of Salix’s rock products, the AquaRockBag uses smaller stone size than gabion or rock armour, allowing natural sediment accretion and vegetation to establish through the bag.

Placing AquaRock Bag with quick release system

This provides excellent ecological habitat, whilst providing a more sustainable approach to erosion protection.

AquaRockBags can be used independently or as part of a bioengineering design with Salix’s vegetated systems above water level, providing the most effective scour and erosion control solutions available.

Working with natural processes provide habitat biodiversity simultaneously with an engineered approach for asset protection.

The AquaRockBag comes in 2T (pre-filled or unfilled net) as well as 4T and 8T (unfilled nets). The product requires minimal ground preparation, fitting the shape of the scour hole or bank to create a level surface.

2Tonne Aqua Rock Bags in-situ around bridge pier
2Tonne AquaRockBags in-situ around bridge pier

AquaRockBags used as erosion control