Rock rolls arrive in bundles with certified lifting straps
Rock rolls arrive in bundles with certified lifting straps

Rock Rolls are a robust, flexible and permanent revetment for use around reservoirs, shorelines, lake edges, streams and river banks. They are environmentally sensitive, cost-effective revetments that are suitable alternatives to rock riprap and gabions in many scour applications.

Rock Rolls are delivered pre-filled to site, typically in 2m x 0.3m tubes of stone held within UV stabilised high tensile polyethylene netting which is abrasion resistant.

Their robust permanent nature allows green, softer solutions such as Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets or Live Willow Revetments to succeed in higher energy environments. Without a Rock Roll in front of them, these softer bioengineering solutions would not survive long term wave action or higher flows.

Due to the small stone aperture used within Rock Rolls (60-110mm) they provide a solution which can support healthy invertebrate and even native crayfish populations.

When joined together, Rock Rolls can form a Rock Roll Mattress capable of resisting high velocities and shear stress up to 1200 k/N in high energy river situations. They also accrete fine sediment due to small stone size and can be fully vegetated. This is not possible with rock armour and larger riprap.