Salix have provided a variety of soil erosion control and scour protection solutions for rail embankments and adjacent rivers/watercourses.

Operating as a specialist sub contractor to the Framework contractors, we have successfully carried out a number of design and build projects such as the ICE Award winning bioengineering solution at Foss Dyke.

From high energy river protection to drainage channels, we look to utilise the latest sustainable bioengineering solutions.

For rail embankments, our HydraCX spray on soil erosion control system has been widely praised by Network Rail Engineers and Civil Contractors as a cost effective, sustainable solution. Salix also supply our permanent range of turf reinforcement mats, VMax C350 and P550.

Rapidly established growth using HydraCX just below the railway line

Erosion Management on Railway Embankment

Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management at an embankment in Rodbourne.

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Erosion Control at Laurel Farm, a Network Rail Site

Scour protection provided by Rock Mattresses at a Network Rail site where the river had undercut the river bank, endangering the embankment above.

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Ramsden Bellhouse Embankment

Ramsden Bellhouse

A series of potentially dangerous deep seated failures on a railway embankment required treatment to prevent further slips. The geotechnical issues of ground st…

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Chipping Campden Rail

HydraCX was sprayed onto 5,500m2 of re graded rail embankments to prevent erosion and establish vegetation rapidly without importing expensive topsoil. HydraCX…

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Foss Dyke Bank Stabilisation

A rise in pleasure boating on the Foss resulted in severe boat wash. Monitoring revealed that the rate of bank erosion was up to 2.5 metres in a year over a 2km…

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Pewsey Rail Embankment

A rail embankment had slipped and was reinstated with soil nails providing geotechnical stability. Birse created working platforms with imported stone and then…

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Afon Gwydol Embankment

Works were required to repair an eroding railway embankment adjacent to the river. This resulted in the embankment encroaching into the river, causing erosion p…

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