TerrAffix Soil Solutions

For Land Remediation, Steep Slopes and Zero Soils

TerrAffix sprayed onto subsoilRapidly established growth using TerrAffix just below the railway lineFibres up closeTerrAffix applied to Type 1 fill material on A11 SuDs projectA11 drainage channels vegetatingClose up of 6F2 fill material on M25Hydraulic seed rig spraying HydraCX with TerrAffix onto a 45° slopeVegetation a fews weeks later
Rapidly established growth using TerrAffix just below the railway line

TerrAffix® Biochar is a natural product which is used in TerrAffix products to stabilise and restore degraded and polluted soils. Salix use TerrAffix systems as they provide plants with essential nutrients whilst actively reducing pollutants in the soil and locking in carbon.

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TerrAffix products are manufactured in the UK from proprietary blends of natural, organic fibres from sustainable sources.

There are four core products within the TerrAffix revegetation range:

A hydroseeding mulch for rapid vegetation establishment over top soil:


  • Low cost solution for rapid vegetation establishment
  • Quickly establishes the grass sward
  • Can be used in combination with other complimentary products, such as mycorrhizae, nutrients, or biochars (subject to the soil conditions required for plant growth)

An organic base layer for zero soil applications and contaminated sites:


  • Quickly applied using conventional hydroseeding equipment
  • Easy and safe to mix and apply
  • No machinery or operatives required to work on slopes
  • Provides an organic base layer for vegetation establishment without the need to import soil
  • Significantly enhances germination

An advanced fibre matrix mulch for moderate to high erosion risk areas:


  • Quickly establishes a robust vegetation cover
  • There is less ground preparation required than for erosion control blankets or geotextiles
  • Applied hydraulically using standard hydroseeding equipment
  • Safe to apply on slopes; extremely effective on uneven ground
  • It can be used in conjunction with our biotic HydraSoil to remove the need to import top soil

A composite product providing both fibre and organic matter for soils:


  • Single application
  • Effective on steep slopes
  • Effective immediately on application
  • Provides a combined organic matter treatment for the root zone
  • Creates a microclimate for the establishing seed
  • Retains nutrients where they are required by the plant

We provide additional products which support vegetation establishment including fertiliser, slow-release inorganic nutrients, trace elements, innoculents and biochars.

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