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Struggling to establish vegetation on a site due to little or no soil? Think again. TerrAffix is a product which can be applied on next to any soil type, providing the necessary nutrients for rapid vegetation establishment on brown soils to aggregates.

Salix has teamed up with industry leading soil scientist, Sion Brackenbury to launch TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd®, a bespoke hydroseeding additive which establishes vegetation on vast range of surfaces, from brown earth to engineered materials.

Where hydroseeding usually consists of just seed and fertiliser, TerrAffix provides a vegetative mulch of fibres, significantly increasing soil health and long-term vegetation success.

Biochar is a fundamental ingredient within TerrAffix, which is a moisture absorbent, nutrient rich material, significantly increasing vegetation success over standard hydroseeding applications. Given the increasing climatic extremities, moisture absorbing materials are essential to assist vegetation success, particularly within the first year.


TerrAffix Hydramulch application for rapid vegetation establishment TerrAffix Soil Solutions are perfect for zero soils Biochar is a key ingredient in TerrAffix Soil Solutions
TerrAffix Hydramulch application for rapid vegetation establishment

TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® products not only provide exceptional benefits to soils and in establishing vegetation, they also sequester CO2 as fixed carbon and enhance the function of natural carbon sinks.

There are a number of different uses for the product, such as:

⦁ Steep slopes
⦁ Road verges
⦁ Railway embankments
⦁ Contaminated mine sites
⦁ Swales

The product has a number of different applications which can assist with erosion control, improving soil condition, vegetation establishment on contaminated soils and enhanced vegetation establishment.

TerrAffix is currently the only UK based product available as a hydroseeding mulch and biotic soil. TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® are the first UK company to produce biochar meeting the exacting standards of the British Biochar Foundation.


Successful trial of TerrAffix-Hydrasoil at Frongoch lead and zinc mine, revegetating heavily polluted soils