Wetland Habitat Creation

Salix specialise in working within sensitive environments including SSSI’s and SAC sites.

We employ a highly trained workforce that has experience of working in such environments often using specialist machinery. In the creation or improvement of habitats, Salix employ a range of techniques to enhance degraded stream channels. Using gravel to create riffles and point bars in existing channels concentrates and revives water flow.

Diverse marginal and bank side vegetation can be established using mature pre-established coir rolls and pallets. Locally harvested tree trunks have been used to create double flow deflectors, we have also incorporated large backwaters in line with, and downstream of the resulting enhanced reach, to complete the new environment.

Our expertise in ecological contracting encompasses a range of mitigation measures creating new habitats for fish, newts, water voles and other protected species. We specialise in integrated constructed wetland and habitat creation schemes, within the context of storm water and wastewater management.

The basis of the SUDS approach is the use of water management technologies such as grass swales, constructed wetlands and infiltration basins within a treatment circuit to achieve the water flow and quality targets.

We work with natural processes and materials to create robust, ecologically stable systems that do not require high levels of maintenance.


Royal Wharf intertidal reed bed solution

Intertidal Planting Solution on River Thames

Creating a reed bed on an intertidal part of the Thames river is challenging – but Salix achieved a fantastic result as a consequence of their unique design app…

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Woodberry Wetlands

Desilting a large reservoir in the heart of London and creating a new wetland habitat. Dredging silts enabled us to create 13,000 square metres of new reed bed

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Native plants, reed beds and pond at East Tullos Burn

Restoring East Tullos Burn

East Tullos Burn project transformed a waterway from a straight, hard-engineered channel, into a natural stream, functional floodplain and wetland habitat.

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Olympic Park Wetlands

Salix were involved in making the Olympic Park a reality, when we were awarded the prestigious Tier 2 Contract in 2009 to grow all the wetland and wet wildflowe…

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Longham Lakes

Longham Lakes

Working for Bournemouth & West Hants Water, Salix were appointed as Main Contractor to undertake 2km of bioengineering works to stabilise the shoreline of a new…

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Papworth Reedbed

Papworth Reedbeds

After a competitive bid process, Salix designed and built a tertiary treatment reedbed for Anglian Water at their Papworth STW. Salix partnered with Pete Worral…

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Salwarpe Reedbed

As part of a new large reedbed creation project Salix contract grew and planted out 125,000 reed plants grown from local provenance seed stock. Seed was hand co…

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Twycross Zoo Wetlands

As Principle contractor, Salix constructed a 3 hectare wetland system to provide waste water treatment and habitat creation. 18 integrated ponds, wet grassland,…

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River Pinn Enhancement

Salix designed and constructed a stream enhancement project at a gas pipeline river crossing as ecological mitigation to a degraded reach of stream as part of a…

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River Thaw Enhancement

Salix were asked by Environment Agency Wales to advise on methods to restore a 100 metre reach of the River Thaw which had been subject to physical degradation…

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River Roding Bank Protection

Salix advised engineers Halcrow on bioengineering methods to stabilise a regraded slope as part of an inter-tidal river enhancement project. The existing vertic…

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River Roding Enhancement

The River Roding is an inter-tidal river and these works were undertaken 100m upstream of the Barking Barrier, Greater London. The works were part of an Environ…

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Water Vole Habitat Works

Salix successfully tendered for a pilot project to improve marginal vegetation along the River Wandle. The project formed part of a wider scheme to reintroduce…

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Grand Union Canal

The project aim was to restore a wetland area on the banks of the Grand Union Canal for the benefit of wildlife and the fishery. The scheme design ensured that…

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important water vole site

Soham Lode Re-visited

An important water vole site at Soham Lode required emergency re-lining of the perched section of the reach (approximately 600m) Following the emergency works,…

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Whole Site Aerial 19.09.13 Copyright of the Environment Agency

Water Vole Habitat Mitigation

Medmerry is one of the stretches of coastline most at risk of flooding in southern England. The overall scheme involves building major new sea defences inland a…

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