Salix have developed a Coir Roll which is fully biodegradable, providing effective erosion control without the use of PP nets.

Most coir rolls are supplied with a PP netting for the required tensile strength, but Salix has developed a suitable biodegradable netting for lower energy water courses. Where PP netting can last over 50 years in the environment, coir only lasts 3-5 years. By this time, the vegetation will be the main form of erosion control and the PP netting is not always needed. PP cased Coir Rolls are used when there is the requirement for long term vegetation reinforcement, often in conjunction with Rock Rolls, where normally the only alternative is rock armor, rip rap, gabions or concrete, which have far higher embodied CO2 and are less environmentally sensitive.

The choice of fully biodegradable option or a permanent reinforced netting is dependent on the energy and flow velocity of the watercourse.

Coir Rolls can come pre-established with native wetland plants, or unplanted.

All our coir rolls are carbon neutral with up to 85% saving in CO2 compared to ready made imported coir rolls and support a village community in Sri Lanka.