Eronet c125 will ensure that the soil behind the Coir Rolls and Pallets does not get washed away whilst plants establish

Developing SuDS as part of a remediation package

The old coking works at The Avenue, Wingerford, near Chesterfield in Derbyshire is being remediated and repurposed into a mix of public green space, housing and business parks.

The site requires around 100 hectares of heavily contaminated soil to be depolluted.

70 hectares will be made up of recreational and sustainable green space. The remaining 30 hectares will be developed and requires substantial surface drainage systems to be implemented.

Salix have been appointed as specialist contractors by the VSD Avenue Consortium to create habitat and erosion control within the Sustainable urban Development System (SuDS).

We have developed a number of successful SuDS projects over the years and are specialists at creating stunning wildlife habitats as an integral part of the remediation and ecological management process.

2000 metres of treatment ditches and 4 balancing ponds will take the grey water, managing the flow rate and turbidity through native wetlands plants.

Please note that the Coir Rolls in these photos have been placed at the typical envisaged water level and will be watered until this is reached.

Our pre-planted Coir Pallets, pre-planted Coir Rolls and Eronet C125 erosion control blanket will be used to alleviate erosion on the banks and the water’s edge. This will allow sustainable establishment of the native wetland plants, in turn providing essential water quality management. Water can then be released back into the water course and the beautiful, newly created habitat will also provide a lovely amenity.