Silt Wattle

Natural wood filter mediaSilt Wattles holding back silted up waterSilt Wattles preventing silt from entering the water courseSilt Wattles reduce silts arising from river crossing constructionSilt Wattles used in combination with Floc Mats to slow flow
Silt Wattles reduce silts arising from river crossing construction

Silt Wattles are a natural method of both sediment control and water erosion control.

Silt Wattles are designed for use to slow the flow in channels to treat muddy water by capturing sediment and encouraging natural silt deposition.

Silt Wattles act as check dams within a water course, reducing water flow and increasing filtration, leading to cleaner water. For reduced turbidity downstream and greater sediment control capacity, Floc Mats and SiltMats can be used in combination with the wattles.

Silt Wattles also replace Silt Fence in windy environments or to better protect sensitive receptors and slopes. This water management solution decreases the likelihood of soil erosion, interrupting sheet flow and surface runoff to benefit surface waters.

The wattles capture silt in natural filter media produced from recycled wood waste, contained by tubular netting. They have low permeability and are structured in 20cm, 30cm or 40cm diameter rolls. For particularly sensitive sites, our 100% biodegradable version may be more appropriate.

Deployment of Silt Wattles is flexible. They can be laid directly onto the channel bed or slope in low flow sites or staked in higher energy environments. Depending on site type and dimensions, they are easy to join together or may be pyramidally stacked.

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