Specialist Contracting Machinery

Specialist Plant Machinery for Sensitive Site Management



  • Floating weed cutting
  • Silt pumping
  • Mechanical dredging
  • Access to difficult sites
  • Ideal for works to islands within water-bodies

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Spider MachineSpider Machine Spider Machine Spider Machine Spider Machine
Spider Machine

Walking Spider Excavator

  • Access into areas where tracked machines can’t go
  • Low impact to the ground
  • Incredible power to size ratio
  • Steep slope working
  • Deep wading capability
  • 360° tilting grab for placement of large woody debris and boulders in to watercourses as well as tree works alongside rivers where access is limited and a sensitive approach is needed
  • Can “climb” over obstacles and access watercourses without the need to clear or use ramps
  • Perfect machine to deliver sensitive River Restoration schemes

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Long Reach ExcavatorsLong Reach Excavators
Long Reach Excavators

Low Ground Pressure Long Reach Excavators

  • Low ground pressure from wide and extended tracks
  • Extended long reach limits tracking
  • Long reach means access places other machines can’t get to
  • Versatile for all river works, steep banks, lake dredging and desilting

Floating Plant
Floating Plant

Floating Plant

  • We operate several floating pontoons mounted with long reach excavators
  • These are often used for lake dredging and desilting
  • Access to work on islands and bridge abutments
  • Pontoons are flexible, scalable and can support a range of machine sizes
  • Our pontoons can be delivered and assembled even where the site has poor or limited access

Hydraulic seed rig spraying HydraCX with TerrAffix onto a 45° slope
Hydraulic seed rig spraying HydraCX with TerrAffix onto a 45° slope

Hydraulic Seed Rig

  • Our hydraulic seeding plant, used with HydraCX, is excellent;
  • because it reduces health and safety concerns
  • where there is high erosion control risk
  • where there are little or no soils
  • when there is a need for rapid establishment
  • where there are steep slopes and uneven ground
  • because it reduces costs and increases success in comparison to more conventional geotextile blankets

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