Peatland Restoration

Coir Rolls on peatland restoration projectBlocking channels with Coir RollsSphagnum mossPeatland habitatBlocking channels with Coir Rolls Blocking channels with Coir Rolls Sphagnum moss SundewsEriophorum angustifolium Newly planted 110cc Cotton Grass Plug plants
Newly planted 110cc Cotton Grass Plug plants

Salix supply Coir rolls, Geojute erosion control netting and upland plant species such as Cotton Grass for Peatland Restoration projects nationwide.

Salix are the only company to manufacture Coir Rolls in the UK. Coir is a sustainable waste product from the husk of the coconut shell.

We import virgin mattress coir fibre from Sri Lanka in compacted bale form.

Coir is inert and doesn’t release any toxic tannins or compounds as it biodegrades.

Substantial investment in specialist machinery allows us to manufacture our own Coir Rolls in the UK from the compacted fibre.

This effectively reduces the carbon footprint of our coir products by 80% compared to imported pre-formed Coir Rolls, which require five times more shipment space.

Manufacturing in the UK also gives us the advantage of controlling quality, availability and product sizes.

These rolls are placed across eroded channels to stop the peat being washed away and to allow sediment to stabilise and over time recolonise with species such as Cotton Grass, Crowberry, Bilberry, Sphagnum spp.

Jenny Sharman is a Yorkshire Peat Partnership Restoration Officer managing the area as part of the Pennine PeatLIFE project Jenny states

“As soon as we block the channels, the change to the hydrology is immediate. Slowing the flow, and stopping peat from washing away, brings us one step closer to returning this land to a fully functioning bog.”