floating island wetlands

Salix welcomed aquatic consultancy frog environmental to their nursery in Thetford to deliver a training day on preparing and launching an innovative patented floating wetland system called BioHaven.

BioHaven is suitable for use on inland waterways, lakes, in fluvial systems as well as in estuarine and marine environments. Its range of bespoke anchoring systems and unique construction ensures a design life measured in decades along with extremely low maintenance costs.

BioHaven has been successfully applied in a diverse range of applications from bank protection and coastal erosion control to improving the water quality of SuDS and sewage treatment works discharges.

Large scale habitat projects such as tern rafts and promoting healthy aquaculture can also benefit from BioHaven.



Richard Haine from frog environmental explained: 

Wetlands are an incredibly valuable environment, both to nature and wider society; BioHaven can offer all of the ecosystem services of a healthy functioning wetland but can be placed in an area where it would be impossible to put a constructed or conventional wetland.

Our clients are viewing BioHaven as a versatile tool in helping them to meet stringent water quality and ecological targets set out under the European Water Framework Directive.”

BioHaven is now available in the UK with frog environmental as sole licensees and Salix as Project Delivery Partners.