Coir Pallets establishing at Snaith Ponds - Photo by Carys Hutton

Creating habitats with our Coir Pallets on a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust flood management project

A new series of ponds have been created at Snaith in Yorkshire. The ponds have been created as a part of a flood management project with Environment Agency and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Salix provided around 446 linear metres of Coir Pallets planted up with our standard mix of native species and 50m2 of Phragmites australis to create an instant habitat in the ponds. These provide important shelter for a wide range of invertebrates as well as fish and birds. Both the plants and Coir Pallets will provide a water management function as well as a habitat. They will slow down the flow and reduce silt as well as other pollutants from getting into the water course.

The pallets were planted with a a wide variety of native species including marsh marigold, yellow flag iris and water mint.

Around 45,000 plants were planted by volunteers on the site. Within a couple of weeks the site was transformed, Carys Hutton, Project Officer at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust said: “If the area can change so quickly in just a few weeks, it will be amazing to see what it looks like this time next year and we will be carrying out a visits to make sure everything is developing well.”