Coir Rolls pre-established with native plants providing erosion control at Porter Brook

Erosion prevented and wildlife habitat created in the heart of a city

Porter Brook in Sheffield was a buried treasure, hidden away under a car park until it was decided to dig up this culverted stream as a part of a flood management work.

We advised the Wild Trout Trust whose client was Sheffield Council. A culvert was being removed as it was flooding and causing problems. We were able to provide support and products to turn this unloved site into something beautiful and special in the heart of the city.

Rock Rolls provided the protection from erosion that was needed in this flashy stream which responds dramatically to the weather out on the surrounding hills.

The use of Rock Rolls and Pre-established Coir Pallets and Coir Rolls has meant that there is enhanced ecological and amenity value whilst at the same time providing flood resilience in the city.

This project was also the 2016 Winner in the Canal & Rivers Trust for “Contribution to the Built Environment”

Images courtesy of the Wild Trout Trust