Olympic Park Wetlands

Olympic Park Wetland 2012Before Works Began2008 Planting TrialsWetbeds at the Nursery Growing Plants Into CoirClose Up of Coir Plant BedsOlympic Wetland Bowl During WorksCoir Pallets Installed On SiteAerial View of WetlandsWetlands on Super Saturday
Wetbeds at the Nursery Growing Plants Into Coir

Salix were involved in making the Olympic Park a reality, when we were awarded the prestigious Tier 2 Contract in 2009 to grow all the wetland and wet wildflower plants for the parklands representing the UK’s largest ever wetland plant procurement order for the largest bioengineering project ever undertaken in the UK.

In 2008 Salix were awarded the contract to undertake the on-site installation of a Wetland Planting Trials Scheme, which was successful and lead to our prestigious Tier 2 Contract Award, the only one awarded to grow virtually every one of over 350,000 native wetland and wildflower plants for the entire parkland.

The trials showed that only pre-established vegetation grown off site for a minimum of one year survived. It was the only way to establish successful growth, as standard plug planting failed due to a number of factors including fluctuating water levels and high sediment loads.

These plants were grown to maturity at our own nursery in Norfolk within Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets and then planted very carefully by teams of experienced installers.

In all over 23,000 metres of pre-established Coir Pallets and Rolls were installed to ensure that the Parklands were a vibrant and viable ecological environment both at the opening ceremony and into the future legacy phase.

Here are some key facts to consider:

  • 264 Hectares of brownfield land were developed
  • Largest new Parkland in the UK in living memory
  • Key role for Wetlands Landscape in the overall project
  • 8km plus of restored riverbanks
  • Rare wet woodland, and amphibian pond installations completed
  • Overall, the largest single bioengineering project ever seen in the UK


Name: Olympic Park Wetlands 2012
Location: London
Category: Reedbeds & Wetlands

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