VMax C500

Image of Vmax C500 -TRM showing 3D Composite StructureInstalling Vmax C500 over prepared seeded soilC500 installedEarly germination through Vmax C500
Image of Vmax C500 -TRM showing 3D Composite Structure

A new hybrid product with the performance of VMax P550 but with a coir fibre core layer.

A high tensile strength, 22mm deep high strength 3D skeleton Geomat with additional benefit of a coir fibre composite layer.

The 3D skeleton follows best practice thickness as concluded in CIRIA 116 Design of Reinforced Grass Waterways for enhanced reinforcement.

The coir fibre layer provides additional erosion control performance during the grass establishment period, as well enhancing vegetation germination and establishment rates by over 300%.

Product Downloads

RollMax and VMax Installation Guidelines
VMax³ C500 Technical Specification


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