Rivers & Water Courses

2T AquaRockbags 18 months post installation

Scour Prevented by AquaRockBags

AquaRockBags® were installed by the local council highways team to prevent a road subsiding due to scour and erosion caused by the adjacent watercourse.​ AquaRo…

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Coir Rolls with biodegradable netting

Salix are now a supplier of fully biodegradable, coir cased coir rolls

Salix have developed a Coir Roll which is fully biodegradable, providing effective erosion control without the use of plastic nets.

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AquaRockBags going in river bank restoration works

Yearl Weir

As an ecologically sensitive site the use of traditional hard engineered bank protection was not an option and Salix’s bioengineered designs were favoured.

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River diversion on the River Beane

Lake By-pass in Hertfordshire

Salix were involved in a recent river diversion on the River Beam in Hertfordshire, to improve hydromophological and ecological function.

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AquaRockBags used as erosion control

AquaRockBag launch

Salix’s AquaRockBag is an ecologically sensitive method of erosion control. Working with natural processes to provide erosion control & habitat biodiversity

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Intertidal vegetated estuary edges

Estuary Edges

Salix co-authored in the first volume of Estuary Edges, having been involved in a significant number of projects within the tidal extent of the River Thames.

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River Nairn

Finalists in the RRC River Prize

Salix were principle contractors on the fantastic River Nairn Project This video tells the story of the river restoration project at the Aberarder Estate on the…

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Rock Mattresses erosion control on Exeter Flood Defence Scheme

High Energy Inter Tidal Solution on the River Exe

Salix’s Ready-filled Rock Mattresses provided a solution to flood protection works needed on the River Exe. This quick and cheap approach provided a stable, nat…

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Enhancements on Riverside Walk, Duke of Northumberland’s River

Salix proposed a river enhancement design with the main aim of increasing base flow, reducing low flows and narrowing the channel using vegetated wet berms of v…

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Recently installed Rock Bag XL at scour holes under bridge

Bridge Repairs – Environmentally Sensitive Pre-filled Rock Solutions for Scour Prevention

Salix were brought in to replace hard engineered concreted scour protection with far more sensitive and effective Rock Bags XL.

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willow stakes taking well on the River Cleddau

The advantages of Salix Bioengineering Solutions V Blockstone on two Welsh Rivers – Case Study Evidence

Eight years on and vegetative erosion control is a massive success on the River Cleddau as an alternative to blockstone.

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Rock Mattresses erosion control on Exeter Flood Defence Scheme

Erosion Control on Exeter Flood Defence

Staff at Exeter Flood Defence Project were delighted when within a few weeks mullet were feeding at the base of the erosion control Rock Mattresses.

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Rock Rolls, Rock Mattresses and Brushwood Fascines preventing erosion on the River Crouch

Inter tidal Erosion Protection on the River Crouch

The Environment Agency commissioned our erosion products on the tidal River Crouch. Inter tidal rivers are notably difficult to manage, our Rock Mattresses, Roc…

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Royal Wharf intertidal reed bed solution

Intertidal Planting Solution on River Thames

Creating a reed bed on an intertidal part of the Thames river is challenging – but Salix achieved a fantastic result as a consequence of their unique design app…

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Porter Brook - an oasis for wildlife

Flooding and erosion prevention in Sheffield

When a flashy stream was unearthed in Sheffield Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management by the Wild Trout Trust. The Porter Brook was…

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Coir Rolls pre-established with native plants providing erosion control at Porter Brook

Flashy Floods in Car Park Solved

Rock Rolls and pre-planted Coir Rolls & Pallets were used to prevent erosion whilst creating a lovely habitat in Sheffield City centre where a culverted stream…

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Erosion Control Products Provide Homes for Wildlife

Salix’s Rock Mattresses, Coir Rolls & Coir Pallets are being used on the Exeter FAS Scheme enhancing wildlife habitats whilst giving cost effective erosion cont…

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Stream reinstated over erosion controls

Protecting a Pipeline in Carmarthen

We installed erosion protection products like our Coir Rolls and Rock Rolls at this site where a pipeline was exposed in the river bed

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Erosion Control at Laurel Farm, a Network Rail Site

Scour protection provided by Rock Mattresses at a Network Rail site where the river had undercut the river bank, endangering the embankment above.

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Well established pre-planted Coir Rolls after a significant flood event

River Bank Erosion Management at Wisley Golf Course

Extreme river bank erosion rectified by regrading the river bank and using Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets, preventing erosion naturally

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VMax C350 and Bionet protect the soils both above and under the water

Bringing Biodiversity to Hydro Plant in Pershore

VMax C350 & Eronet are used on this hydro project to protect the inlet channel and surrounding soils from erosion, working with nature for natural solutions

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Tregaron July 2016

Flood Alleviation at Tregaron

The aim of the project was to protect around 100 houses and businesses that had been subjected to increased flood threats. Constant flooding was a problem with…

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Rock Rolls and Coir Rolls at Stourport

Tough Green Alternatives to Hard Engineering

Contractors, Consultants and Researchers are praising our Rock Rolls and Rock Mattresses for their proven ability to offer sustainable cost effective solutions…

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River Washford Roadwater Erosion Protection

The increasing frequency of flood events on the River Washford required the existing system to be replaced and improved.

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Spider Menzi Muck Excavator moving large woody debris below Swinsty Reservoir

River Washburn Restoration

Salix were approached as river restoration experts and because of the innovative Menzi Muck Spider machine which is capable of climbing in and out of a river ca…

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Spider machine at Cwmparc

Cwmparc River Restoration

Salix worked with Natural Resources Wales at Cwmparc in the Rhondda Valley to renaturalise the water courses in order to reduce flood risk and increase biodiver…

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River Dulais, Rhosmaen Llandeilo

Salix’s River Dulais project demonstrating the use of large woody debris (LWD) is now ten years old and has been is included in the manual of River Restoration…

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Pre-established coir rolls and pallets

Bridging the Ecological and Engineering Gap

Bridging the ecological and engineering gap with our effective bio-engineering solutions

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Turf Reinforcement Erosion Mats in CIWEM

Our Technical Director, David Holland, has been in the most recent edition of CIWEM’sThe Environment Magazine talking about the value of our 3D reinforced turf…

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Machine in action at Swinsty

The Spider on the River Washburn

Innovative spider machine helps restore wildlife habitats on the River Washburn. Yorkshire Water’s trial works to improve the quality of the river environment d…

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VMax P550 turf reinforcement mat showing good vegetation growth

Erosion Control on Loch Garry Spillway

Tensar VMax P550 is designed for use as erosion control on steep slopes, high-flow channels, spillways, and shorelines.

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Cwmparc and the spider in action

Slowing the flow at Cwmparc

Cwmparc with the spider in action With funding from the Welsh Government’s Nature Fund, we supported Rhondda Cynon Taf Council in taking steps to naturalise one…

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Naturalising Norfolk’s Chalk Rivers

Salix has helped the Norfolk Rivers Trust to improve wildlife habitats on the chalk River Babingley, Hillington Estate near Flitcham, and River Nar at Pentney,…

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Salix helps naturalise the chalk River Nar

Working with the Norfolk Rivers Trust and cbec, Salix has just completed a project to help to improve wildlife habitats on a section of the chalk River Nar in w…

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Improving wildlife habitats on the Royal chalk River Babingley

With the help of Salix, the Norfolk Rivers Trust is improving fish and other river wildlife habitats on the River Babingley near Flitcham, one of only two hundr…

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Titchwell Marshes Rock Rolls close up

Salix Rock Rolls Protect Titchwell Marsh

As part of a series of measures to protect the freshwater habitats at Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve on the north Norfolk coast, Salix has supplied the Royal So…

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One Year Later. Note the Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea)

Darwen Bank Stabilisation

A 120 metre reach of river had been subject to ongoing bank instability issues. A gas pipeline set in the bank was dangerously close to being exposed and bank r…

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River Rhiw Bank Protection

Salix were awarded the contract and began works to carry out 300 metres of riverbank protection to protect this existing exposed high pressure gas pipe in March…

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Rock mattress tie in detail at hydraulic jump zone with Vmax C350

Sandwich Flood Alleviation Scheme

The £21.7 million flood defence scheme involves works on 16 individual reaches of the River Stour and will reduce the risk of tidal flooding to 488 homes and 94…

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Roadwater Erosion Protection

The River Washford runs through the village of Roadwater near Minehead, Somerset. The catchment creates a flashy river which floods parts of the village in larg…

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10th Anniversary River Dulais Project

Live Willow Root Wad Installation Tenth Anniversary of Salix’s Project on The River Dulais, Rhosmaen, Llandeilo. Salix’s River Dulais project demonstrating the…

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River Teme 4 machines placing fill

Tough Test on The Teme

The River Teme is a sensitive SSSI and SAC river and over 150 metres of severe bank erosion was threatening a National Grid pipeline. Salix were the lead Design…

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B5106 looking towards Llanrwst floods

Spillways Surge Ahead!

B5106 looking towards Llanrwst floods Salix have extensive experience of spillway protection offering advice to engineers involved in this area of expertise. Ou…

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Rescuing the River Rhiw

Rescuing the River Rhiw

The River Rhiw, Mid Wales was the scene of some rapid intervention by Salix’s Specialist Contracting team lead by Technical Director,David Holland. Our client W…

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Foss Dyke Bank Stabilisation

A rise in pleasure boating on the Foss resulted in severe boat wash. Monitoring revealed that the rate of bank erosion was up to 2.5 metres in a year over a 2km…

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Afon Gwydol Embankment

Works were required to repair an eroding railway embankment adjacent to the river. This resulted in the embankment encroaching into the river, causing erosion p…

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Rhodri Tames The Tywi!

We have been working hard on the River Tywi project and thanks to the efforts of our Site Agent Rhodri Henry (above image, on the right) work has progressed wel…

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Balancing-the-Brooks at Birmingham University

Balancing the Brooks!

Bank post flooding event showing no erosion or damage The saying “a picture paints a thousand words” could not be more accurately applied than to a current Sali…

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Salix on the River Tywi

Client – Wales & West Utilities Salix have been awarded a design and build contract on the River Tywi in Carmarthen. Various bioengineering techniques will…

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River Ecclesbourne

Client – Environment Agency Pilot scheme for catchment restoration of the River Ecclesbourne, that forms part of the Water Framework Directive aim to return riv…

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Pembroke Commons

1 km of new and existing channel was enhanced using bioengineering techniques as part of a flood protection project in the centre of historic Pembroke in West W…

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River Pinn Enhancement

Salix designed and constructed a stream enhancement project at a gas pipeline river crossing as ecological mitigation to a degraded reach of stream as part of a…

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River Thaw Enhancement

Salix were asked by Environment Agency Wales to advise on methods to restore a 100 metre reach of the River Thaw which had been subject to physical degradation…

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River Ebbw Bank Stabilisation

Salix worked with consulting geotechnical engineers to provide design and build proposals to stabilise over 800 metres of steep riverbank composed of highly ero…

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Fully Established Bioengineering Solution Replacing Gabion Design

River Gwenfro

A private developer had back gardens adjacent to a river that when in flood created severe scour issues. Initial river modelling indicated flow velocities in ex…

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River Pipeline Crossing

Salix were invited to submit a bioengineering solution to solve an erosion issue at a pipeline crossing in West Wales. The solution used a combination of locall…

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River Roding Bank Protection

Salix advised engineers Halcrow on bioengineering methods to stabilise a regraded slope as part of an inter-tidal river enhancement project. The existing vertic…

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River Roding Enhancement

The River Roding is an inter-tidal river and these works were undertaken 100m upstream of the Barking Barrier, Greater London. The works were part of an Environ…

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Treboeth Cobble Channel

A new development had slope stability issues due to an adjacent cobble bed watercourse badly eroding the soils and downcutting the bed within the channel.

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important water vole site

Soham Lode Re-visited

An important water vole site at Soham Lode required emergency re-lining of the perched section of the reach (approximately 600m) Following the emergency works,…

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River Tywi

Salix were awarded a design and build contract to prevent further erosion of a section of the riverbank and reinstate a scour hole threatening a high pressure g…

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Railway Lane, Lewes

The integrity of the existing blockwork facing was deteriorating as a result of the tidal inundation and draw-down cycles together with areas of groundwater see…

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River Teme Restoration

River Teme Restoration

The River Teme is a sensitive SSSI and SAC river and over 150 metres of severe bank erosion was threatening a National Grid pipeline.

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