Wetland Creation for New Wildlife Reserve

Woodberry Wetland

We have started pump dredging/desilting at Woodberry Wetlands in East London, creating new reedbeds and islands.

The work is part of the London Wildlife Trust’s £1.5m project to bring a new nature reserve to London, opening this summer.

The improved habitat from the desilting work and then creation of new reedbeds and wetland areas will improve habitat for wildlife such as damselflies, dragonflies, reed buntings, reed warblers and the rare bittern.

Fantastic photos by Ralph Hodgson.

Pontoon/long reach excavator and silt pumpBrushwood fencing to create new wetlands and reedbedsWoodberry skyline as we create new wetlands New reedbed and wetland area being createdMessing around on boatsWoodberry Wetlands desilting work
Brushwood fencing to create new wetlands and reedbeds