Newly installed CocoBN on riverbank with Coir Roll & Rock Roll toe protectionCocoBN CocoBN with woven Coir 800 overlay soil and seed biodegradable protectionCocoBN planted up
Newly installed CocoBN on riverbank with Coir Roll & Rock Roll toe protection

CocoBN is a high performance erosion control matting, designed to be used in high flow applications where environmental sensitivity is critical. The matting is made from 100% natural and biodegradable fibres.

Made from our sustainably sourced coir, this is an ideal erosion control mat for areas which require 100% bio-degradable interventions. The coir matting is covered with jute netting and sewn with a fully degradable thread, ensuring the matting will have disappeared within a few years whilst allowing vegetation to establish, preventing erosion and soil loss in the meantime.

CocoBN erosion control matting can be used on shorelines, in high flow velocity situations and on environmentally sensitive sites.

Coir, a sustainable material

Salix’s coir products are made from sustainable sources and support a village in Sri Lanka.

All the coir comes from organically managed plantations and excess coir husk is returned to the soil as a natural fertiliser. The woody characteristics and high lignin content of the coir fibres mean it takes five to seven years for them to rot away – enough time for plants to root and protect the soil.

The fibres are PH Neutral so most plants can grow in them and the coir is inert and doesn’t release any toxic tannins or compounds as it biodegrades.

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