FlexMSE®: vegetated retaining wall system

FlexMSE vegetated post installation Near vertical installationFlexMSE installation - beforeFlexMSE Vegetated afterFlexMSE installation - beforeFlexMSE Vegetated - after
FlexMSE vegetated post installation

Salix are a supplier of Flex MSE: a vegetated retaining wall and erosion control solution, using MSE (mechanically stabilised earth) principles along with geotextile technology.

The combination of FlexMSE bags and interlocking gripper plates allows for strong, easy-to-install block structures.

FlexMSE bags can be installed on near vertical (85 degree) retaining walls, green landscaping structures and erosion resistant sidings to rivers.

The product is water and root permeable, allowing vegetation to fully establish and further protect the bank. FlexMSE® is suitable for hydroseeding, live staking and live planting.

With a design life of 120+ years and a 75-year warranty, FlexMSE® structures withstand almost unlimited differential settlement, up to 2m.

Common applications for FlexMSE® include:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Noise barriers
  • Green Flood protection walls
  • Canals & Ditches
  • Landscaping multi-level sites
  • Vegetated culvert headwalls

Eligible for LEED and BREEAM credits

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