Plants grown in cells to order
Work has commenced at one of our most prestigious locations to date The Royal Parks.

We have been appointed as a result of being able to demonstrate our experience in working in environmentally sensitive areas whilst employing our own specialist staff and machinery to minimise the impact of our works.

Watercourse and pond works across the UK have resulted in some fantastic opportunities for us to enrich many locations -some of which have been sadly neglected for many years.

The patron of this project, Sir David Attenborough, has attracted many volunteers and gardeners to pitch in, all working towards reducing over shading, cutting back rampant azaleas and allowing more natural light to reach the native flora.

The next step for us is to drain and desilt the ponds (removal of fish has already been carried out) ahead of marginal planting with all works targeted for completion by the spring of 2013.

This is a great example of Heritage Lottery Funding, Salix Specialist Contracting and willing volunteers making a positive contribution to the magnificent Richmond Park.

We will of course bring you an update on this project as work progresses.