High Energy Rivers

Higher energy rivers can often be stabilised using bioengineering techniques. Salix have unparalleled experience in the design and implementation of these systems.

Traditional engineering solutions have called upon hard revetments such as sheet piling, blockstone or gabion baskets, all of which can have a detrimental impact on river and riparian habitat.

If hard engineering solutions are required, some form of bioengineering solution, such as reinforced vegetation or brush willow can often be incorporated to mitigate the ecological impact of the revetment.

Salix have the in house capabilities to provide both hard and soft engineering revetments. 

AquaRockBags going in river bank restoration works

Yearl Weir

As an ecologically sensitive site the use of traditional hard engineered bank protection was not an option and Salix’s bioengineered designs were favoured.

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Rock Mattresses erosion control on Exeter Flood Defence Scheme

High Energy Inter Tidal Solution on the River Exe

Salix’s Ready-filled Rock Mattresses provided a solution to flood protection works needed on the River Exe. This quick and cheap approach provided a stable, nat…

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Porter Brook - an oasis for wildlife

Flooding and erosion prevention in Sheffield

When a flashy stream was unearthed in Sheffield Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management by the Wild Trout Trust. The Porter Brook was…

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Well established pre-planted Coir Rolls after a significant flood event

River Bank Erosion Management at Wisley Golf Course

Extreme river bank erosion rectified by regrading the river bank and using Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets, preventing erosion naturally

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Tregaron July 2016

Flood Alleviation at Tregaron

The aim of the project was to protect around 100 houses and businesses that had been subjected to increased flood threats. Constant flooding was a problem with…

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River Washford Roadwater Erosion Protection

The increasing frequency of flood events on the River Washford required the existing system to be replaced and improved.

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Spider machine at Cwmparc

Cwmparc River Restoration

Salix worked with Natural Resources Wales at Cwmparc in the Rhondda Valley to renaturalise the water courses in order to reduce flood risk and increase biodiver…

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River Dulais, Rhosmaen Llandeilo

Salix’s River Dulais project demonstrating the use of large woody debris (LWD) is now ten years old and has been is included in the manual of River Restoration…

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One Year Later. Note the Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea)

Darwen Bank Stabilisation

A 120 metre reach of river had been subject to ongoing bank instability issues. A gas pipeline set in the bank was dangerously close to being exposed and bank r…

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River Rhiw Bank Protection

Salix were awarded the contract and began works to carry out 300 metres of riverbank protection to protect this existing exposed high pressure gas pipe in March…

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Afon Gwydol Embankment

Works were required to repair an eroding railway embankment adjacent to the river. This resulted in the embankment encroaching into the river, causing erosion p…

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River Ebbw Bank Stabilisation

Salix worked with consulting geotechnical engineers to provide design and build proposals to stabilise over 800 metres of steep riverbank composed of highly ero…

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Fully Established Bioengineering Solution Replacing Gabion Design

River Gwenfro

A private developer had back gardens adjacent to a river that when in flood created severe scour issues. Initial river modelling indicated flow velocities in ex…

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River Pipeline Crossing

Salix were invited to submit a bioengineering solution to solve an erosion issue at a pipeline crossing in West Wales. The solution used a combination of locall…

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Treboeth Cobble Channel

A new development had slope stability issues due to an adjacent cobble bed watercourse badly eroding the soils and downcutting the bed within the channel.

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River Teme Restoration

River Teme Restoration

The River Teme is a sensitive SSSI and SAC river and over 150 metres of severe bank erosion was threatening a National Grid pipeline.

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