SUDS & Drainage Channels

The key, limiting factor on using vegetation to line drainage channels is high velocity flow conditions and the duration of the flood event. Under long duration flow events, vegetation can fail and severe erosion can occur under relatively low velocities.

Salix specialise in designing and implementing “Reinforced Vegetative” channel linings where traditionally rock or concrete revetments were the only option.

With a high performance reinforcing geomat and suitable species selection, vegetative linings can be used in very high-energy situations.

Research from the USA has quantified the performance of reinforced vegetation and as a result, these techniques can be confidently applied on spillways and channels with velocities up to 7 m/s.

Royal Wharf intertidal reed bed solution

Intertidal Planting Solution on River Thames

Creating a reed bed on an intertidal part of the Thames river is challenging – but Salix achieved a fantastic result as a consequence of their unique design app…

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Porter Brook - an oasis for wildlife

Flooding and erosion prevention in Sheffield

When a flashy stream was unearthed in Sheffield Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management by the Wild Trout Trust. The Porter Brook was…

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SuDS slow flow drainage channel

Erosion Control at SuDS project

Rock Rolls and Rock Mattresses are both easy to put into place, prevent erosion and can withstand high flows whilst allowing for the natural establishment of pl…

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Naturalising a Stream at Bedlinog

Constant flooding and erosion had been causing some serious problems for Merthyr Tydfil Council who manage an old reclaimed tip site, close to the village of Be…

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A11 drainage channels vegetating

Green Swales on Roadside

Soft engineered ‘Green Swale Grass Channel’ attenuates road run-off water, filters suspended solids, and traps hydro carbons and heavy metals, significantly imp…

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Calverton Tip Drainage

Colliery shale and sandy soils have one thing in common; both are highly susceptible to erosion by flowing water. Both soil types were present on site.

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Waverley Colliery Reclamation

A large drainage channel designed to take flows of up to 3m/sec was created to take runoff water from a 741 acre site at Waverley, one of Europe’s biggest colli…

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Completed drainage channel

Worden Park Leyland

Following works within Worden Park to remove a culverted section of Cricket Field Brook that was the cause of flooding to neighbouring residential properties, a…

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