Coconet800 is a robust and biodegradable erosion control system which is designed to provide immediate erosion protection to soils whilst allowing vegetation to grow. Coconet800 provides an excellent, cost-effective solution to limit erosion, increasing surface cover and roughness.

Months later after signicant flood events
CocoNet 800
Accretion of Sediment Within The Rough Surface Of CocoNet 800
Months later after signicant flood events
CocoNet 800g flat weave
Accretion of sediment within the rough surface of CocoNet 800

Salix’s CocoNet 800 is manufactured from ethical and sustainably sourced coir fibre, a by-product of the coconut industry.

CocoNet 800 is a strong hand woven biodegradable net made to our unique specification under licence in Sri Lanka. The hand woven net increases surface cover and surface roughness, which are key properties in controlling soil erosion.

CocoNet 800 can be used in high flow areas or where vegetation establishment can be slow.

For a higher performing product that is also fully biodegradable see our CocoBN.

CocoNet 800 can be supplied in roll or bale form and is secured using biodegradable timber fixings to provide a 100% biodegradable erosion control system.


Woven Coir Fabric


Natural Brown

Mesh Size

5 – 8 mm

Number of Warp Treads

10.3 dm

Number of Weft Treads

6.8 dm

Warp and Weft Yarn Quality

Hand Twisted 200m/kg

Thread Diameter

4.5 -5.5mm

Total Weight

750 -850g/m2

Tensile strength MD Dry


Tensile strength MD Dry


Tensile strength MD Dry


Tensile strength MD Dry


Rolls as 2mx50m or 2mx40m

CocoNet BN

CocoNet’s performance can be enhanced by adding an underlying biodegradable coir filter. This filter provides greater protection from soil erosion under flowing water.

The CocoNet 800 provides a robust surface protection and when combined with the coir filter provides the highest performing fully biodegradable erosion control system.

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