Preparing our own Woodland for Coppicing


Salix now have our own Willow coppice site in west Wales working with a community interest group, Pembroke 21c, that helps disadvantaged youngsters.

Pembroke 21c also provides a hub for community activities, develops confidence and skills and aims to reduce the local community’s impact on the environment.

Salix’s own Willow Coppice site

No “biomass” willow will be used (hybrids grown to produce biomass very quickly) at the site all our Willow are native tree species found on UK riverbanks that are far better suited to their intended use on  river engineering works-these are Salix viminalis, alba, fragilis and cinerea.

Salix will be using this facility for our own projects and we are very pleased to report that together we will plant up to 30 acres of willow.