River Pipeline Crossing

Eroded bank Prior To WorksDuring ConstructionCompleted RevetmentOne Year later
Eroded bank Prior To Works

Salix were invited to submit a bioengineering solution to solve an erosion issue at a pipeline crossing in West Wales. The solution used a combination of locally harvested willow and Rock Rolls to provide a stable revetment in this cobble bed river.

Salix were asked by Main Contractor NACAP Land & Marine to assess the potential for using a bioengineering solution to control the eroding riverbanks.

The erosion was an existing issue prior to the pipeline crossing and initially a blockstone revetment was considered. However, consultants from Salix were confident that a bioengineering solution could work in this instance.

The bioengineering design solution used locally harvested willow material used as live stakes and the thinner branches used to form live fascines (faggots).

A double Rock Roll was placed at the toe to prevent the willow plantings from being undercut and to protect against abrasion from the mobile gravel/cobble bedload.



Name: River Pipeline Crossing
Client: NACAP Land & Marine
Location: Meinciau, Carmarthenshire
Category: High Energy Rivers, Rivers & Water Courses

Case Study

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