Flood Alleviation at Tregaron

Tregaron July 2016Tregaron Feb 2009Tregaron being dewatered to allow worksTregaron installation Sept 2009Tregaron Jan 2010Tregaron Jan 2010
Tregaron being dewatered to allow works

Salix worked with Arup & Galliford Try on the Tregaron Flood Alleviation Scheme, to improve the very confined channel where the Afon Brennig flows through the town of Tregaron.

The aim of the project was to protect around 100 houses and businesses that had been subjected to increased flood threats. Constant flooding was a problem with this very flashy river where it passes through the town.

A steep, flashy catchment, combined with the close proximity of houses required a quick and effective solution.

The river is also part of a SSSI and SAC meaning any works had to take consideration of the ecological sensitivities including species such as Salmon and Ranunculus.

Rock Rolls and blockstone were used to tie in the VMax Shear Stress Turf and prevent scour from abrasive bedload during large floods.


Name: Tregaron Flood Alleviation Scheme
Client: Arup
Location: Tregaron
Category: High Energy Rivers, Rivers & Water Courses

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