Salix provided Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets to provide instant vegetation and habitat on the deculverted River Quaggy.

River at start of works in May
River in July
River developing in August
River at start of works in May 2019
The river in July 2019
River developing in August 2020

Salix were involved in the construction of in-channel features to help restore the River Quaggy in Lewisham.

The River Quaggy is classified as a chalk stream. However, urbanisation has significantly degraded the watercourse within London.

The confluence between the River Quaggy and the River Ravensbourne was historically culverted, but recent development has led to the deculverting of the watercourses and the confluence.

Salix installed Coir Rolls and Coir Pallets to provide instant vegetation and habitat in spring, 2019.

Since installation, vegetation has established well to provide excellent habitat.  The area provides a vital refuge for wildlife as the watercourse is culverted both upstream and downstream.

Revisiting the site

We went back in 2022 to see how the project had faired and were delighted to see that the wetland is rich with a diverse range of plant species, and roach and smaller fry were also visible in the river.

River Quaggy 3 years on and well vegetated
River Quaggy 3 years on

Products Used

Coir Pallets

Salix produce a wide range of pre-established coir pallets planted with high quality native plant species. Coir pallets are composed from coir fibre which is a sustainable waste product from the husk of the coconut shell.

Coir Rolls

Coir Rolls are an organic living revetment that provide erosion control and rapid vegetation establishment. Salix have developed a range of specific species mixes for use in all types of water bodies.


Location: River Quaggy London
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