Flooding and erosion prevention in Sheffield

Porter Brook - an oasis for wildlife and people. Images Wild Trout TrustPorter Brook prior to works. Images Wild Trout TrustCulvert being exposed. Images Wild Trout TrustRock Rolls acting as a revetment preventing erosion in the flashy Porter Brook. Images Wild Trout TrustCoir Rolls pre-established with native plants providing erosion control at Porter Brook. Images Wild Trout TrustTrout have been seen back in the Porter Brook. Images Wild Trout TrustRock Rolls being positioned in Porter brook. Images Wild Trout TrustPre-established Coir in situ providing cover for fish. Images Wild Trout Trust
Coir Rolls pre-established with native plants providing erosion control at Porter Brook. Images Wild Trout Trust

When a flashy stream which caused flooding was unearthed in Sheffield, Salix were brought in as specialist experts in erosion management by the Wild Trout Trust.

A council owned car park in the heart of Sheffield had a magical transformation as it was turned into an urban green space.

The Porter Brook had been subject to regular flooding. If it rained on the Peaks then the city centre would flood. There was a significant problem with flooding at the point where the site was culverted. The solution was to open up the water course and turn the area into an urban park.

Salix advised on the use of Rock Rolls and our pre-established Coir Rolls and Pallets.


The right product means a win for wildlife and people.

The narrow confines of the site meant that it would always be difficult to establish planting. However, the combination of Rock Rolls being used as a revetment alongside the pre-planted Coir has resulted in rapid establishment of native plants whilst preventing any erosion.

The site has now become a pleasant amenity which has given the city centre flood resilience.

Wildlife has also returned to the stream, as the Rock Rolls and vegetation provide the shelter that invertebrates and fish require to breed. It is unlikely that the trout would have used this stretch of river when it was still culverted.

After just two years, regular monitoring has noted an increase in invertebrates and signs that trout are breeding again in the area.

This project was also the 2016 Winner in the Canal & Rivers Trust for “Contribution to the Built Environment”

Images Wild Trout Trust


Name: Porter Brook erosion and habitat works
Client: Wild Trout Trust
Location: Sheffield
Category: High Energy Rivers, River Restoration, Rivers & Water Courses, Urban Rivers

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Porter Brook case study

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