Salwarpe Reedbed

The reedbed after plantingReed Establishment after two monthsReed establishment after two years with open water habitatReedbed after 2 years
Reed establishment after two years with open water habitat

As part of a new large reedbed creation project Salix contract grew and planted out 125,000 reed plants grown from local provenance seed stock. Seed was hand collected and processed by Salix specialists from an adjacent existing reedbed.

British Waterways created a new reedbed to mitigate for the loss of this habitat as part of a canal restoration project.

After a competitive tender process Salix were awarded the contract to grow and plant out 125,000 reed plants. Salix specialists hand harvested the reed seed heads (panicles) in January 2007 from an existing reedbed within the adjacent canal. These were processed in house and 125,000 230cc sized reed plugs (Phragmites australis) were grown at our nurseries. All plants were recorded and labelled under a vesting contract with the client.

After the earthworks contractor had completed the bulk earthworks Salix delivered and planted the 1250,000 reed plants in two blocks in 2008. We accessed the wetland using in house ground pressure tracked dumpers to reduce the compaction of the soil and to allow access over the soft ground.


Name: Salwarpe Reedbed
Client: British Waterways
Location: Salwarpe
Category: Reedbeds & Wetlands

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