Water Vole Habitat Works


Salix successfully tendered for a pilot project to improve marginal vegetation along the River Wandle. The project formed part of a wider scheme to reintroduce water vole to the river.

Work commenced along the main channel and also a smaller connected side channel. Bank edges were re-profiled with excavated berms and ledges created.

Salix installed our own pre-established Coir Rolls, Coir Pallets, brushwood and plug planting using UK native wetland planting from Salix’s in-house nurseries in Norfolk.

The reason for using pre-established coir was to speed up the rate of vegetation establishment, thus allowing reintroduction of water vole to take place quicker. Due to cost considerations, some areas were just plug planted.

Marginal vegetation has created excellent habitat for water vole. From being classed as a sewer in the 1960’s, the River Wandle is now recognised amongst the 10 most improved rivers in Britain.


Name: River Wandle Water Vole Habitat Works
Client: London Wildlife Trust
Location: London
Category: Reedbeds & Wetlands

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