Longham Lakes

Longham LakesRock Roll Protection To Face Of Coir RollsTranslocating ReedsReservoir Shoreline One Year Later With Excellent Reed GrowthMature Reed Growth Protected By Rock Roll
Reservoir Shoreline One Year Later With Excellent Reed Growth

Working for Bournemouth & West Hants Water, Salix were appointed as Main Contractor to undertake 2km of bioengineering works to stabilise the shoreline of a new reservoir.

Longham Lakes Reservoir was created following sand and gravel abstraction. The restoration plan required that the shoreline of the new reservoir be stabilised with bioengineering techniques to create a reed fringe around the shoreline.

Salix were appointed as the Main Contractor to undertake this project, working directly for Bourne & West Hants Water.

Existing reedbed areas were mechanically translocated, relocating the reed turfs from the bed of the reservoir to the new margins.

A line of Rock Rolls were installed on the windward side of the reservoir shoreline to protect the plants and Coir Rolls from the constant wave action.

Mature pre-established coir rolls were used to establish a diverse range of species in sheltered areas, with Common Reed (Phragmites australis) used on the more exposed shores.


Name: Longham Lakes
Client: Bournemouth & West Hants Water
Location: Nr Bournemouth
Category: Reedbeds & Wetlands, Reservoirs, Lakes & Shorelines

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