Truxor Hire – amphibious cutting, harvesting, silt removal machine

dredging machine

Truxor amphibious vehicle for hire, shown here with silt pump / dredging attachment

Salix has a new amphibious Truxor DM 5000 aquatic plant harvesting boat available for hire

Manoeuvrable and versatile, the Truxor is ideal for a wide range of lake, pond, canal and river maintenance projects, including:

  • weed cutting
  • reedbed management
  • reed harvesting
  • pump dredging
  • lake desilting
  • habitat creation
  • moorland restoration
  • light piling

Truxor with digging attachment and stabilisers

Before Spring arrives, we have the Truxor for hire, especially for lake desilting / dredging, weed cutting and reed harvesting.

Truxor hire enquiries

Truxor reed harvesting

Truxor for hire

Truxor Benefits & Applications

A recent EU directive on plant protection products has limited the use of herbicides on or near water. The Truxor offers a mechanical alternative.

The Truxor’s method of cutting and removal is gentle and causes minimal disturbance to wildlife. It makes the cutting and harvesting of aquatic plants a simple, efficient operation.

A range of cutting tools can be fitted, designed to work in different aquatic environments and under a variety of conditions.
It can be used to manage constructed wetlands and improve the condition of reedbeds for birds such as the bittern.

The stability of the platform assures the safety of the operator and using the excavator arm, or pump dredger a variety of dredging operations can be carried out, making it an excellent lake desilting machine.

The Truxor can get in and out of tight spaces, so it’s ideal for virtually any aquatic environment, including sites with limited access.

Tuxor Hire with Experienced Operator

Salix offers the Truxor with an experienced driver for hire nationwide.

Truxor is quick to mobilise and can be towed by a 4×4.

Wetland Habitat Management with the Truxor

Recent wetland habitat projects completed by Salix using the Truxor, include:

Truxor easily transported

Truxor being used for removing silt in pond

Truxor in action at Midhurst Pond

This large 800-year old pond, which has a 270-metre perimeter and two small islands, had been suffering from pollution and heavy siltation. We have been removing litter, doing weed clearance; we will be installing a stone riprap on the western bank; we have been desilting (sometimes referred to dredging) through the centre of the pond with our Truxor.

Truxor being used for knocking in posts

Truxor amphibious machine

Our new Truxor amphibious machine knocking posts in ready for coir rolls and brushwood faggots on a lake improvement scheme in Midhurst – yes we haver the best toys

Truxor hire enquiries

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