SuDS project creates new habitat for wildlife

Padnall Lake_London
Padnall Lake_London
Padnall Lake_London
Padnall Lake_London
Padnall Lake_London
Installing Coir Pallets
Installing Coir Pallets
Pre-established Coir Pallets
Pallets in bloom with Purple Loosestrife
Native plants establishing well

An existing pond at Padnall Lake had limited habitat as it was concrete-lined.  As part of a new housing development, the developer wanted to improve the pond’s aesthetics as well as the environment.

Salix worked with the designers, HTA, to provide a solution, which consisted of creating marginal habitat shelves. New banks were formed within the pond using a retaining feature, with a finish level very close to the water level. Pre-established coir pallets were installed on the new shelves, which provide mature vegetation to rapidly speed up the establishment and increase habitat.

Native plants

Salix contract grew the pre-established Coir Pallets for the project. Different species mixes were used around the edge of the pond, including a monoculture of purple loosestrife lythrum salicaria and a mix of other native species

The pre-established Coir Pallets were installed in a summer heatwave in 2022. As the plants matured within the pre-established coir pallets, they were more resilient to extreme weather conditions than plug planting. 

Since installation, the plants have thrived to provide a robust marginal habitat around Padnall Lake.

Products Used

Coir Pallets

Salix produce a wide range of pre-established coir pallets planted with high quality native plant species. Coir pallets are composed from coir fibre which is a sustainable waste product from the husk of the coconut shell.

Native Plants

Salix are the UK’s largest grower of native wetland and wildflowering plants in the UK – perfect for use in green infrastructure, peatland restoration, wetland restoration and creation and other habitat projects In response to demand for a wider range of species for specific habitat types we have developed a range of plug grown species for three key habitats: Salt marsh, Sand dunes & Moorlands. Wetland Plants Salt Marsh Moorlands Sand Dunes Salix are the largest grower of native wetland plants in the UK. Salix wetland nurseries have been designed and built specifically for commercially growing native wetland plants for supply


Location: Padnall Lake
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