Silent Valley Erosion Control

Spraying HydraCX at Silent ValleyFibres up closeSilent Valley in April 2015, before application of HydraCXNovember 2015 - HydraCX very well establishedSilent Valley Landfill in AprilNovember 2015 - HydraCX well established
Silent Valley in April 2015, before application of HydraCX

HydraCX™ was applied to 125,000m2 of poor, erosion-prone soil at a large landfill site in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

HydraCX is a hydraulically applied erosion control product that protects slopes against soil and seed loss from heavy rain and wind from day one of application. It is 100 per cent natural, consisting of reclaimed cotton and straw fibres, and is an effective alternative to a biodegradable rolled erosion control coir/jute matting or netting solution.

Landfill slopes were lined to prevent the migration of leachate into underlying soil, ground water, aquifers or nearby rivers. The liner was then covered in sub soil and rolled and compacted with a further layer of soil over the top.

On site, the ground conditions are poor with very little fertility within the soil. Salix applied HydraCX with a specific seed mix to provide short term soil protection whilst vegetation establishes as a direct cost effective alternative to using a Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP).


Name: Silent Valley Erosion Control
Client: Jim Davies Civil Engineering
Location: Ebbw Vale, South Wales
Category: Soil Erosion

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