Chipping Campden Rail

Chipping Campden Rail CuttingsPoor Ground Conditions With No TopsoilFinal Profile With DrainageImmediately After Applying HydraCXTwo Years Later
Poor Ground Conditions With No Topsoil

HydraCX was sprayed onto 5,500m2 of re-graded rail embankments to prevent erosion and establish vegetation rapidly without importing expensive topsoil. HydraCX also replaces erosion control geotextiles.

HydraCX is a hydraulically applied erosion control product that can be more efficient than using geotextiles. It’s 100% natural, consisting of reclaimed cotton and straw fibres, together with tackifiers and polymers that chemically bond the soil particles.

Network Rail Earthworks Assessment Engineer, Karen Delf, stated,

“HydraCX gave an immediate impression the embankment was grassed, making it more visually pleasing to our travelling customers. The rapidity of grass growth was exceptional and it added additional strength to the slope surface”

Caleb Tomes Site Agent Carillion Rail stated,

“We used HydraCX for the first time on a Network Rail project in Chipping Campden. We wanted to establish vegetation growth as quickly as possible on a slope with poor ground conditions without the need for importing topsoil due to possession time constraints. HydraCX provided an excellent growing medium for rapid germination.”


Name: Chipping Campden Rail Cuttings
Client: Carillion Rail for Network Rail
Location: Chipping Campden, Cotswolds
Category: Rail, Soil Erosion

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