Aster tripolium (Sea Aster)

sea aster

A taller salt-tolerant perennial reaching heights of up to 90cm and is found in saltmarshes, estuaries and sea cliffs. Leaves are narrow and fleshy,

Plantago maritima (Sea Plantain)

salt marsh

Characteristic coastal perennial, tough and tolerant of salt spray. Low growing at around 15cm, flowers with yellow stamens in slender spikes.

Silene uniflora (Sea Campion)

Silene uniflora- Sea campion

A low growing, cushion-forming perennial that is confined to sea cliffs and shingle beaches. White frilly, overlapping petals.

Armeria maritima (Sea Thrift)

Armeria maritima - Thrift

A robust, low growing evergreen perennial that bears bright pink, cup-shaped flowers throughout summer. Also regularly found on cliff faces.