Building with nature
Salix Building With Nature
Salix Building With Nature

Salix River and Wetlands Ltd has expanded its UK operations to include Clearwater Environmental Contracting Ltd in order to strengthen its specialist dredging and wetlands contracting services.

Salix Technical Director David Holland said;  “We have always been conscious of the potential for conflict between sustainable, ecologically sound solutions and the sometimes unavoidable requirement for the use of more traditional civil engineering techniques. Our approach is to combine the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ solutions in a balanced way, in effect building with nature”

Whether in wet or dry areas Salix adopt a sensitive approach to the surrounding environment by minimising the impact of heavy plant by using specialist floating equipment (such as our Truxor), long reach and low ground pressure machines combined with our own experienced staff, all of whom are alert to the special considerations presented by the environment we are working in.

We are able to combine both soft and hard engineering techniques to offer value engineered solutions in both wet and ecologically sensitive environments.

By combining the right tools and people for the job we are able to confidently undertake a variety of civil engineering techniques including earthworks, de-silting and dredging, sheet piling, landscaping, reinforced concrete, lining and drainage tasks in the most challenging and sensitive of environments.