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Coastal Revetment work using AquaRockBags - placing direct from the delivery lorryCoastal Revetment work using AquaRockBags - placing directly from delivery lorryCoastal Revetment work using AquaRockBagsCoastal Revetment work using AquaRockBagsCoastal Revetment work using AquaRockBags
Coastal Revetment work using AquaRockBags - placing direct from the delivery lorry

Coastal road in Cumbria, North England is collapsing due to severe storms and wave action.​

2T AquaRockBag® are used as a temporary measure to support the road and prevent scour during winter

Due to increasingly severe storms and wave action, the banks of a coastal road in the north of England were facing severe erosion.

The banks on the seaward side were scouring out and the road was assessed to be at risk as we entered the winter of 20/21.

A rapid temporary solution was required which would ensure that the road was secured over the next few months. The area has faced increasing numbers of storms as a consequence of climate change and coastal infrastructure is particularly threatened.

What is the solution

Cumbria Highways team chose AquaRockBags® as they are quick and easy to install.

They can be incorporated as part of the longer term solution should the client require. But they are also just as easy to remove and re-use as they are to install.

We experienced failure of one of our Rock Armour sea walls which lead to an unprotected verge, and ultimately danger to the carriageway and exposed services within this verge.

As we were moving into winter we needed a quick and effective solution to act as a new armoured sea defence, but predominately fill these existing large voids to protect the verge and any further damage.

The Rock Bags Provided by Salix are perfect in this situation as they allowed us to quickly place large amounts of material within these voids as protection.

The huge benefit to using these bags is the speed of installation and adaptability of the bags. With uneven surfaces, changes in depth to voids, increases in height of void, the ability to place the bags and allow then to mould to the surrounding is very beneficial.

We were able to protect 3No. areas totalling around 60m length of sea wall with 156No. 2 tonne rock bags within a week which provides us with the protection we need for the winter and beyond.

Dom Musetti

Bridge Engineer

The outcome of the project is immediate robust scour prevention is provided ensuring the road is secured over the winter months.


Client: Cumbria Highways
Location: Cumbria
Category: Reservoirs, Lakes & Shorelines

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